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A Reflection on Gratitude

As we approach Thanksgiving, I'd like to take this moment to express my appreciation for you. Whether a past, current, or future patient, a family member, a friend, or a colleague, you have played an important role not only in inspiring me to improve my skills so that I can become a more effective practitioner, but to strive to become a better person. I look and listen to you tell me what you need and what you want. And I am so very grateful for how you've guided me. Healing is truly a collaborative process and I am honored you've chosen me to help you along your path. I believe we are all connected on a deeper level, via a giant energetic web, and are here to learn how to soften as we return to the core of who we are, individually as well as collectively.

Healing often begins the moment we feel safe to have the experience we are having. This supportive space and acknowledgment can be given by bearing witness to ourselves in an empowering attempt to heal from within. And when we allow others the opportunity to bear witness to our pain, our willingness to be vulnerable is an incredible act of bravery. As a healing arts practitioner, this is something I don't take lightly. What a gift you've given me! So not only do I appreciate you for trusting me to hold space for your healing, I encourage you to take a moment to bow to yourself in gratitude as you honor your own internal strength and bravery to opening to new levels of healing.

There is nothing more fulfilling to me than being given the opportunity to work with you. It has become so evident to me that transformative healing is possible for all of us when we work together. Thank you for being you and for allowing me the opportunity to be of service. I wish you all of the best on this Thanksgiving holiday. Namaste.

~ Patty

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