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Chinese Medicine Herbs

At the Heart of Healing

My approach to patient care involves a merging of the medical knowledge I've developed over the course of the last 11 years of practice with my intuitive abilities. I value and encourage the development of what Chinese medicine refers to as Zheng Qi, or strong life-affirming upright qi, and what western medicine refers to as the immune system. Through Chinese medical diagnosis we will seek to understand where basic imbalances reside in your body. Once we have a clear snapshot of your body's story, you will receive a personalized comprehensive initial treatment plan involving recommended diet and lifestyle changes and a custom prescription involving food-based vitamin/mineral supplements and a combination of Chinese, western and Native herbs. Based on your unique story, we will discuss and schedule the best time to reconnect to determine the progress you've made and how we wish to proceed. I am your health partner. I am here to listen to you, to provide an objective and educated approach to how you can heal and find your way to a healthier and more inspired life. Let's get started!

You will find that I practice from a trauma-informed perspective. I specialize in chronic pain and internal disorders that are frequently associated with mental/emotional disorders with underlying post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I have worked extensively with our Military Veterans and am pleased to be able to apply the skills learned to a virtual telehealth practice.    

My Approach: Welcome
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